Self Publishing my New Book #AWS

If you have been following the hints that I have been dropping on Twitter - you may have noticed that I am about to go public with a new book.

Before I actually go live with the announcement - I would like to prepare you all for how this is going to work - because it could be slightly different from the conventional book launch you might be used to.
I have decided to use Leanpub.

Why did I choose to go with self publishing and not with a traditional publisher?

The main reason behind this is not money, of course royalties are a nice little surprise every now and again - but having co-authored more than one book - I can say with no doubt - we do not do it for the money - definitely not the money,
The main reason - is because of flexibility. I have the option to decide the content - and I am the sole owner of what I want to have in the book. I do not have an ‘overlord’ looking out over my shoulder saying that this is not good, not long enough - or the words are not clear. I decide what goes in, how it goes in and when.
This has it’s up-sides and of course its drawbacks - but that is a topic for a future post.

Why Leanpub?

After reading Jeff Geerlin’s book (Ansible for DevOps) and his posts on using Leanpub - I decided to try it out for myself, and I found…
  1. I love the workflow, git commits, working with Markdown - simple smooth and it just works.
  2. I did not want to wait for the whole book to be complete - because I think that what I have now will be highly useful - and there is no reason to wait until the end for the information to get out there.

So how does this work?

  • I am currently actively writing the book and if you so choose - you can purchase the book before it is finished.
  • You choose the price that you are willing to pay (there is a minimum charge).
  • All updates to the book are free.
  • Currently (until the book is complete) - there will only be a digital version (perhaps a paperback in the future).

What is the book about?

Quite obviously - AWS.

When already??

A few more days.. I promise I will let you all know when it ready for initial launch.


I’ve Got a Plan for re:Invent 2017. Do You?

I am no IT conference novice. I’ve attended several VMworld events over the years (last year, together with over 25,000 other IT professionals). But even though I’ve been in this business for quite a while — since the days when cloud was known as “virtualization” — I haven’t been to re:Invent before.

This year, I knew it was time.


Over the years, as virtualization evolved into cloud, my skills and knowledge evolved, from hardware to VMware to cloud (with VMware) and then open-source cloud (with OpenStack), then containers, Docker, and now, most recently, the major public cloud providers. My day job the past year has been focused solely around complex deployments in AWS. How could I miss re:invent 2017?

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